Eco Friendly Unbleached & Recycled Napkins, Glasgow, Scotland

Click for more informationWe at The Clean Zone have been increasing asked about Eco-friendly napkins made from biodegradable marital that are both sustainable and recyclable.  Since The Clean Zone introduced the KRAFT un-bleached napkin to the Scottish market it has grown in popularity throughout our customer base becoming one of our best sellers.
This product is made from pure paper pulp, it uses no bleach in its manufacture giving the napkin its unique un-bleached natural colour, very similar to the light brown colour of the KRAFT range of products
These napkins are 100% recyclable and as such can be disposed of in the recycle food bin in the kitchen area.  For customers looking for a break from the traditional monotonous colours this stylist product sits perfectly at all levels of the market whether it be a cafĂ©/bar or an award winning restaurant.  Allied to its look this napkin gives customers who are environmentally aware an opportunity to play their part in reducing the carbon footprint.
The napkin is available in a wide range of sizes;
23cm 2 Ply Cocktail Napkin  Case of 4000 £45.95
33cm 1 Ply Luncheon Napkin Case of 5000 £26.95
33cm 2 Ply Luncheon Napkin Case of 2000 £31.35
40cm 2 Ply Pre-folded 8 Fold Dinner Napkin Case of 2000 £47.95
40cm 2 Ply ¼ Fold Dinner Napkin  Case of 2000 £47.95