Below are testimonials from some of our many happy customers - if you would like information on our Products/Service please Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • "We at Jackson's have used Clean Zone since we opened. They've provided a service beyond what you would expect, always willing to help with whatever they can. The most reliable company I've ever used and are second to none in this business".


    Jackson's Bar, Cambridge Street, Glasgow 

  • "We've always found Clean Zone to be fast and reliable, with a great product selection. Their friendly and efficient staff at the other end of the phone line are a great help too!"


    Matt Colligan (General Manager) Bier Halle, Gordon Street, Glasgow

  • "We have used Clean Zone for years now and couldn't possibly go anywhere else! The staff are friendly, accommodating and efficient. They deal with a multitude of requests from ourselves and always deliver!"


    Ubiquitous Chip, Ashton Lane, Glasgow

  • "Clean Zone offer an unrivaled service - fast, efficient and always happy to go the 'extra mile'. Polite and helpful, the boys on the road are backed up by a dedicated admin team who seem to make everyone's job easier.

    With it's competitive pricing structure Clean Zone works for me and that's why I've used Tommy and the team for so long now"


    The Griffin Bar, Bath Street, Glasgow